High School; that would be my first memory. Waking up with such a heavy feeling of sadness, hopelessness, no energy, and days where I just stayed in the bed.  Sometime around 1993-1994, looking out the front window of the house, on my way to class, and having this feeling of intense fear come over me and being afraid to even leave the house. Not too long after that, I was driving in my car, when my heart started racing, felt like my eyes were wide open, sweating, thoughts were racing.  I felt like I was going to die.  Even then, I still did not understand what was happening to me.

Thus, began my journey, Life became like an Onion to me in the sense, that in order for me to understand why… I needed to peel back the Layers.

 Hello, my name is Jacqueline Mitchell, founder of JAKOBA Consulting, LLC. After spending many years of research and self-study to educate myself on mental health issues I began to understand the effects of trauma, how depression and anxiety manifest itself and various tools to help manage.  Over time during the past fourteen years, all that research became a workbook and that workbook has now become a Workshop. A workshop that focuses on Mental Wellness. The purpose of the workshop is to Enlighten, Educate and Empower.  The workshop is purposed for anyone who may be challenged with anxiety, depression, manic/depressive and PTSD as well as the family, friends and supporters, of those challenged with these conditions.

HEALING THE HIDDEN THINGS is about taking a Journey.

This Journey is about Discovery, Education and Empowerment.


This Workshop is scheduled for Saturday, June 29, 2019 from 10am to 1:00pm. Location is Centerville Community Church, 10688 Dayton Lebanon Pike, Centerville, OH 45458.  The workshop is interactive and includes the participant copy of the workbook. The cost is $25.00 which includes the workbook. To Register, please go to my website, Jakobaconsulting.com, (the website is secure) click on the link titled Blog, from there click on the blog titled; Healing The Hidden Things. Complete the registration form, I will email an invoice with payment instructions, my preferred method for payment is PayPal. You can also email me any additional comments or questions you may have.  Healing Grows Your Faith!