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Healing The Hidden Things

Workshop Presented By JAKOBA Consulting LLC Jacqueline Mitchell, Owner


Hello, my name is Jacqueline Mitchell, owner of JAKOBA Consulting, LLC. We provide a service, which is a workshop that focuses on Mental Wellness. The purpose of the workshop is to Enlighten, Educate and Empower.  The target audience includes anyone who may be challenged with anxiety, depression, manic/depressive and PTSD as well as the family, friends and supporters, of those challenged with these conditions.

High School, that would be my first memory. Waking up with such a heavy emotion of sadness, hopelessness, no energy, and days where I just stayed in the bed. Sometime around 1993-1994, looking out the front window of the house, on my way to class, and having this feeling of intense fear come over me and being afraid to even leave the house. Not too long after that, I was driving in my car, when my heart started racing, felt like my eyes were wide open, sweating, thoughts were racing.  I felt like I was going to die. Even then, I still did not understand what was happening to me. Thus, began my journey, Life became like an Onion to me in the sense, that in order for me to understand… I needed to peel back the Layers.

Healing The Hidden Things

Is About Taking A Journey. This Journey Is About Discovery, Education and Empowerment. The Workshop Materials Include The Facilitator Workbook And The Participant Workbooks.  (Because of the sensitive topic of the workshop, the Participant workbooks were developed for separate Female and Male workshops when applicable).

The Layers Represent

D. Cognitive, what we think

C. Behavior, our actions

B. Trauma, the wounds

A. Core, who we are meant to be

The Workshop Is Organized As Follows


In this section, the goal is to use the scenario sheets provided as an instrument to engage the participant in an interactive discussion that leads them towards self-discovery. One of the most challenging difficulties is being able to ‘see yourself’.  This is an important first step towards healing. This section is also used as an opportunity to have conversations with the participants about how life’s Traumas, seen and unseen affect how we think and our behaviors. Note: (you may want to create your own scenarios that are applicable to your audience).



In this section, the goal is to simply educate the participants. The material is presented in a way to help the participants understand that some behaviors are a result of trauma.  And this trauma is expressed through certain emotional and behavioral conditions, such as Anxiety, Depression Manic/Depressive and PTSD.



In this section, the goal is to introduce to the participant, various tools and techniques that if consistently applied will help manage the condition. And to reinforce that Management of the condition is key to living a quality of life that is positive, constructive, functioning and healthy.

We Also Provide The Following Services:

Train The Trainer

This service is perfect for the minister/counselor who is the representative for your church wellness ministry or your company’s wellness department.  We provide the materials and training for you to provide the same wellness program repeatedly as needed.


One On One Consultation

These are life coaching sessions. The number of sessions is finite and not to be considered a replacement for traditional therapy.


Jacqueline Mitchell, owner

JAKOBA Consulting, LLC


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